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Expert advice for employees.

  • Is your employer not playing by the rules? 

  • Are you uncertain of what your rights are and what your employers responsibilities to your are? 

  • Do you need an independent person to stand in your corner and give you unbiased advice and guidance on how to resolve workplace situations that you find yourself in?

  • Do you need someone to be frank with you and tell if you have done the wrong thing, but who will help you to resolve the situation and get back on track?

We can help in these types of situations:

  • Accused of inappropriate conduct

  • Problems with difficult or unreasonable managers or colleagues

  • Possible bullying, discrimination, harassment or victimisation issues

  • Advice on how to resolve a conflict or performance issue and move forward positively at work

Advocacy includes:

  • Free 15 minute phone call to assess if we can help you and review "the fit" and any possible conflicts of interest

  • We can attend meetings as your support person, or we can just advise you on how to conduct conversations or meetings, including scripting meeting discussion points for you

Meeting location and flexibility:

  • You can come to us, we can come to you or we can simply have a discussion over the phone

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