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Redundancy Policy Template

Redundancy Policy Template

  • Nobody ever wants a Redundancy Policy. But sometimes you need one.

    Redundancy is the term used to describe a situation when an Organisation no longer requires a specific position, and subsequently the position becames redundant. If the indivudal that occupied the redundant position can not be redeployed in another role within the Organisation, the individual is retrenched.

    Redundancy may be because of workload changes, as a result of technological change, through re-organisation of the Organisation, mergers or takeovers, market changes, downturn in revenue, economic recession or other reasons. 

    This highly detailed, leglly compliant policy template means you'll never have to worry about how to explain the the requirements of redundancies and retrenchment again. It's all there for you.

    All you need to do is  download this policytemplate, drop in your logo, insert your business name and you are ready to go.

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