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The Indispensable HR Toolbox

The Indispensable HR Toolbox

  • Being a small business is tricky enough without stressing out about finding someone to write contracts for new hires and policies so newbies know the lay of your land. Fiddes HR can take the worry away for small business owners anticipating hiring staff with the Indispensable HR Toolbox!

    Includes 17 important HR Documents:

    • 3 Contracts: Permanent Full Time & Part Time/ Fixed Term Full Time & Part Time/ Casual.
    • 10 Policies & Procedures:
    1. Bullying Discrimination Harassment & Victimisation
    2. Code of Conduct
    3. Complaints Conflict Resolution & Grievance
    4. Equal Opportunity Policy (VIC)
    5. Email & Internet Usage at Work
    6. Leave Entitlements
    7. Performance Management
    8. Recruitment & Induction/ Remuneration
    9. Separation of Employment
    10. Work Health & Safety.
    • Position Description Template.
    • Fair Work Information Statement
    • Mail Merge template to drop in your Organisations details into the document

    All you need to do is download, drop in your logo, insert your business name and you are ready to go!

    Or, you can always pay us to customise the Contract or Policies to your organisation  if you're too busy to do it yourself.

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