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Who is Fiddes HR, and what makes us unusual?

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Nyree Fiddes founded The Fiddes Group in 2014 after many years working in HR and Management. 

Nyree saw a gap in the market for small businesses who needed employment contracts, policies and HR templates in a hurry, and sometimes without any consulting attached to them. So Nyree created her HR Toolboxes, filled with legally compliant, legislative correct documents that businesses can download and quickly add in their business details to and hey presto, you have all the HR documents essential to the effective management of staff.

Nyree still does HR Consulting in addition to selling the time saving HR Toolboxes and individual downloadable HR products.

Nyree has high level expertise in reducing staff turnover, developing workforce strategies, and performance management.  She is committed to helping her clients create a flourishing workplace where people achieve job satisfaction in a fun and supportive environment. Nyree is passionate about flexible work, the benefits of part time work for small-to-medium size businesses and the knowledge that HR will make your business better. 

What sets Nyree apart as a consultant? She tells it as it is.
Nyree does not gloss over problems - no matter how difficult they may be to address. She gets to the point and tells you what you need to do to resolve the issue at hand. Nyree knows that it's hard for organisations to hear about, or to understand the root cause of, HR problems and she works collaboratively to rectify the issues hand in hand with you.

Outside of work Nyree is an avid reader (currently going through a history phase), a cat and dog lover, and in Winter she seizes every opportunity to go to the snow (where she works part time as a ski instructor for fun and fitness), then spends the rest of the year planning her next winter holiday and brain washing her kids to love all things snow. 


  • Master of Business: Industrial Relations & Human Resources

  • Certificate IV in Workplace Training & Assessment 

  • Certified Return to Work Coordinator

  • Swiss Hotel Association: International Hotel Management Advanced Diploma & Diplôme Culinaire d’Hôtelier Le Cordon Bleu 

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