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Medical Business Management: Developing a Successful Healthcare Practice

Medical Business Management: Developing a Successful Healthcare Practice

  • Fiddes HR was proud to contribute to the publication of Medical Business Management! We provided support and guidance to Dr Grace Lai and Leanne Boase for Chapter 4: Working Relationships and Human Rescources.  

    Please Note: this is a physical book. It is not a digital or e-book. It cannot be electronically delivered. When purchasing, please choose either standard or express delivery.


    Medical Business Management provides owners, operators and managers of health-related businesses with the tools and advice they need.


    This book addressed the common problems experienced by health professionals running their own businesses:

    • Difficulties balancing clinical time, business responsibilities and personal or family time
    • Potential knowledge gaps in relation to business management and financial management, leading to poor work/life balance and stress
    • Poor planning, including business planning, practice design, service planning and time management
    • The challenges of managing working relationships and knowledge gaps in the field of Human Resources, including the challenges of leadership

    If you want to know how you can still focus on excellence in clinical care, while running your business successfully, Medical Business Management is the book for you!

  • Postage not included in the costs of the Book: We use Australia Post for delivery and have two delivery options: Standard Post $8.95 or Express Post $11.95. The shipping cost includes the price of the mailing package.

    We aim to have your order to you within 3 working days with standard post – this can be quicker if you live in a capital city and it may be a little longer if you live in a remote area.

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