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We believe that when you get 3 HR basics right within your business, you have less people issues and more time to spend on growing your business.

The basics? Employment contracts, HR policies & position descriptions.

Fiddes HR is a boutique Human Resources Management consultancy with an office in Melbourne and Wodonga. We provide strategic and operational HR products and advice to organisations. As an agency, we carefully consider who we take on as clients to ensure a productive working relationship for both parties.

In the same way that you consult your accountant for tax matters, you can depend on Fiddes HR 
for advice and solutions on people and management related matters. We partner with clients who do not have their own HR teams and also provide advisory services to businesses whose HR departments need additional resources and/or the benefit of an external party’s outside perspective.


We have over 20 years’ experience working across the Medical, Retail, Hospitality, Tertiary Education, Market Research, Recruitment, Physical Fitness and Wellbeing, and Construction industries.

We partner with blue collar, white collar and bluestone businesses, because HR issues don’t care whether you’re uptown, downtown or out of town.


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